Top Open Source Technology That Changed The World !

A modification to the existing software from its original design by the public is referred as open source.  In earlier days of software development, the code is only available to the software developers. But with the help of open source, everyone can inspect, modify, enhance and share the code of the design as it publicly accessible. Over the past few years, open source has left the software world in a commotion. Open source technologies offer various benefits in the growth of small and large businesses and bring you a level of flexibility and reliability.

1. Linux:

Linux is one of the first best-known and free open source operating system. With Linux being an open source, it offers a wide range of options and security that is accessible to multiple users. You can easily download the source code from several distributions and modify it in a way you like. The main advantage is security experts can identify any flaws in the operating system.

2. Android:

As Android is developed from Linux, it is an open-source technology. Google releases the source code of Android under an open-source license. The main purpose of Android is to create an open software platform that is available to access for carriers, OEMs, and developers to implement their innovative ideas a reality and to launch a successful product that improves the experience of mobile users.To be beneficial to everyone android is implemented as widely and compatible as possible.

3. Mozilla Firefox:

Mozilla Firefox is the substantial open source out of all the software projects available. It is an organization to thrive a cross-platform internet for client software. However, getting started with it is not an easy thing as Mozilla contains millions of lines of code in its codebase. The main aim of this is to ensure that the internet is open and accessible to all where each individual can shape their own experience, safe and independent.


4. WordPress:

WordPress is available freely and is licensed in a way that anyone can use, inspect, modify and redistribute the original code. The people who work for the platform owner like writers, bloggers, and marketers can view the code. Once you download a and install WordPress on a web hosting account, the site exists to meet your requirements.

5. Magneto:

Magneto is a free E-commerce website that is governed the platform market. Magento is available in two editions. One is open source edition while the other is commerce edition. The free edition for download called magenta open source is best suitable for small businesses or start-ups which are looking to expand into e-commerce stores.

6. Apache spark:

One of the largest and powerful open-source processing engine, hosted at the vendor-independent Apache Software Foundation. It was developed and built at UK Berkely in 2009 for easy and sophisticated analysis. Apache Spark lets you write the applications in java, python or Scala and has the ability to process heavy data faster.

7. VLC Media Player:

The VLC(Video LAN Client) media player is a free and open source platform that plays most of the multimedia files, DVD’s, VCD’s, Audio CDs and different streaming protocols. It works perfectly on various platforms like Android, Windows, Linux, MAC and many other. Most of the people don’t know that this software is backed by a team of developers combined into VideoLAN project.


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