Top reasons to learn python programming language

We live in a technologically advanced world where there is so much to learn but we fear the difficulty level. When it comes to learning a programming language, it is irksome and difficult to grasp some of them. If you want to learn a programming language and become technologically sound then you must learn Python. Python is the most easy-to-grasp programming language which includes commands that are in basic English. There are many other reasons why novices choose to learn Python! We have listed the top reasons to learn Python programming language. Read on to find out!


reasons to learn python

The Ideal Starting Point

If you have made up your mind that you wish to learn a programming language then you must learn Python. For novices, it is the ideal starting point. Most employers are looking for efficient programmers and you could be one! The language is similar to Java, C++, Perl, Javascript, and Ruby but the only difference is that it is easy to grasp.

Say Hello to New Possibilities

Are you looking for a job in the famous companies like Google, Yahoo or Nokia? Well, you would need something extra to be a part of these companies. Python has the largest job demand. Once you finish a course in Python language, new doors will open for you! In New York City, Python  developers are able to make a whopping $106k annually. Once you have Python language written in your resume, you will be on demand! All it takes is doing a short duration course.

Ideal for Startups

Startups are new and they want to be successful. It does not happen overnight! The company needs to find out what the target audience wants! Iterative tasks are held after which the company is able to find out what the customer wants! The startup starts with idea. Through these iterative tasks, they refine the idea and finally, they achieve their target. If an individual is working with a startup company, it is highly recommended that they learn Python language. It is simple and the results are quick! Whether the services are web-based or it is a product, a Python developer would be the best choice!

IT Professionals favor Python

You would be happy to know that Python is one of the widely used programming languages across the globe. It is an economical and compact language to learn which does not require you to spend too much time learning the basics. In fact it takes less than two months to become an expert in Python programming language.

Did you know that Python is the favourite language of Google? They are always looking for Python developers. This is your time to shine!

Multiplicity and Flexibility

In the investment and finance world, there is a saying, ‘Do not put all your eggs in one basket. If the basket falls, all the eggs will crack.’

It is not different in the programming world. It is important to have a programming specialization. Most people brag about them being a Java or C++ guy but truth is that Python is trending!

It is good to have a skill but a person should be marketable. Do not be just a Java guy or a C++ guy! Look beyond and bring some multiplicity or diversity in your resume.

It is used for WEB DEVELOPMENT

The web frameworks offered by Python are Django, TurboGears, Zope2, Pylons, Grok and much more. Django is written in Python and it is being used for famous sites like Pinterest, Instagram, The New York Times, BitBucket, etc.

Coding a program may take several hours but with Python, it could be achieved within minutes. In fact the results are faster and much more stable. Most of the websites run on PHP but the newer web applications are using Python. It is such a versatile programming language that can be used for large, small, and online or offline tasks! You will never look back once you learn Python!

Words from the Wise

Why is Python the best for machine learning? The answer is simple! It is simple, efficient, elegant and consistent. The consistent syntax and the efficiency of the language make it a top pick among the novices, who wish to learn a programming language. Professionals call it, ‘the Swiss army knife’. The benefits of learning the language are mentioned-above! You can learn Python and become one of the top guys in the IT industry. Most companies are on the lookout for Python developers and you could be the one! Spend your time efficiently and learn Python from a reputed institute.

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