Do I really need antivirus ?

My answer is yes, we required antivirus, am not here to debate whether the antivirus is required for a particular platform or not. am generally speaking yes we need antivirus, as a newbie or new computer user you might wondering what is antivirus, why it is required, what it does. when i was newbie i had same questions in my mind.

What is antivirus

An antivirus is a software or set of programs, which is designed to detect and remove the viruses and other malicious software such as Trojans , worms and more.

As i told antivirus is highly required which is used to remove viruses that are present in your computer.

Today every system is interconnected through network, there are so many viruses out there, if you not install any antivirus software you would be at risk, so be careful and install antivirus.

What an antivirus actually does

every antivirus out there in the market performs some basic functions such as :

  • Scan and detects the viruses and malware’s that are present in the system.
  • Allows you to select a particular directory or area to perform scan to detect viruses.
  • Today even antiviruses used clean unwanted or unused files that are present in the system to increase your computer performance.

Which antivirus is best to buy

I don’t say you to buy a particular antivirus or a brand because it differs from users to users based on their uses and priorities, hence i would recommend you to buy any paid version antiviruses out their in the market rather than free versions because most of the free version software won’t provide you regular updates and they may not remove or clear newly created malware, so be careful while choosing antivirus, choose based on your uses, customer support and securities they provide.

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