Pinterest for bloggers : How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

Pinterest for bloggers

what is Pinterest

Pinterest is a social networking platform where you can share your ideas or find ideas visually, and also Pinterest can be called as a visual discovery engine for finding ideas or pins like recipes, fashion, Photography and goes on.

Pinterest can also be used to interact with each other by commenting, re-pinning and private messaging as we do in other social media.

Pinterest for bloggers

Initially, as a beginner, I too not given that much important to Pinterest, Pinterest marketing and Pinterest traffic.

I was thinking when am having social media platforms like Facebook, Tweeter, and LinkedIn for marketing and lead generations “why should I go for Pinterest? will it bring traffic to me?”.

But actually, I was wrong after reading a number of articles on Pinterest traffic and strategies come to know it can bring incredible free traffic to your blog.

Don’t think you are in the tech or blogging industry it can’t make an impact on Pinterest.

It important to have Pinterest for bloggers.

Pinterest is a visual search engine: a well-defined pin or boards can help you bring more traffic to your blog.

An Impressive visual image can able to bring more sale conversions and followers.

Pinterest becomes the highest referral traffic source for many bloggers.

So, here is the guide on Pinterest strategy for bloggers to drive traffic.

How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

Sign up for a business account

Go ahead and choose the business account. if you have already created a Pinterest personal account convert into a business account because personal accounts and business accounts have different terms of services. For the commercial purpose of Pinterest, you need to choose business account.

Pinterest analytics, rich pins, promoted pins are only available in business accounts.

Go to Pinterest and create an account.

Pinterest Business account signup for bloggersAnd then Pinterest asks for your email, password, business name, business type, website and more. After providing it, under Pinterest settings you can edit your profile :(description, website URL, picture, Location).

While giving Description and business name add some keywords related to your business or blog so people can find you on search results for targeted keywords on Pinterest and follows you.

Confirm your website

Verify or claim your website for to see more about Pinterest traffic and Pinterest analytics of your blog.

Here is a video guide how to confirm your website for Pinterest

Start Pinning with relevant keywords

As you know Pinterest is the visual site. Share high-quality informative images or pins. Your pins play a key role in bringing followers and traffics to your blog.

Pinterest pins for pinterest for bloggersWhile sharing pins, consider the following factors for engagements

  • Catchy Title or Headline
  • Pin well optimized attractive image
  • Include texts in images
  • Add the URL
  • Write impressive Description and include keywords
  • Try to include a call-to-action in your description

Pin Every day, Maintain consistency

Pin a lot regularly, try to make users engagement, make people re-pin your content so that you can attract more new users and followers, that’s what we need it right, so pin a lot it helps in bringing new followers and users.

Pin at the right time, try to find the best time that works for you based on your audience, you can find it in Pinterest analytics.

Avoid pining during working hours, it will not work as you expected no that much user engagements will happen.

Grow Pinterest followers

Follow others it’s just simple, for you it may sound like nothing more. Yes just follow others relevant to your niche and they give back attention to yours. It may leads to more blog views and followers.

Join to relevant Pinterest group boards

Another great way is joining Pinterest board groups, this will give free exposure to a larger audience. you can quickly gain followers if you pin regularly to a group board.

Pinterest tools and resources

Rich pins: It allows you to include more information than the standard pin but you need to verify your website and include metadata.The rich pin priority is – App pins, Product pins, recipe pins, Article pins.

Promoted Pins: Promoting your pins through Pinterest ads.

Shop the look pins: It allows users to buy products easily through Pinterest.

Add Social sharing buttons: Install and active Social Warfare Plugin in your WordPress blog for more traction to your blog, this allows users to Pin or share your blog posts on various social media platforms.

pinterest share button

Social Warfare Plugin is available in both free and pro(paid) versions. For important Pinterest specific features you need to go for the Pro version, it helps in increasing your Pinterest traffic, reach and presence.


Give a try and use proper strategy, you can hopefully bring massive free traffic to your blog.

But all you need is consistency and effort.

Share your experience with Pinterest as a source of traffic or best strategies that worked for you?

Share your thoughts on this whether it will work for you or not.


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