Myths about Learning programming and programmers

1. You Need To Be A Master In Mathematics To Learn A Programming Language

There is a common misconception, A lot of People think that there is a direct relation between mathematics and programming but not like that, in reality, we use mathematics but not most of the times.

As a programmer, we spend most of the time to write codes, not the Math formulas but still, we need basic algebra.

On the other hand, If you’re trying to build games and algorithms, you should be good at advanced mathematics such as trigonometry and matrices. But even for that also, there are libraries and plugins to solve mathematical and algorithmic problems.

2. Need To Go To The University To Learn Code

We are not saying that universities can’t teach you anything. Getting a degree from a university is a good thing. A professor can speed up your understanding of theories and concepts. But if you’re too old to go universities or if you have any problem or no options to learn through universities, no worries there are several resources to learn code online like Codeacademy, Progaramminghub, Codeinstitute, etc. Thanks to the internet, now you can learn program with zero involvement of university lecturers or professors.

3. You Need To Be A Genius To Learn To Code

It is all about your interest. You can write program easily if you don’t mind failing repeatedly and learning from your mistakes, this how programmers learn to code. Anyone who can communicate can learn to code. Because programming is also a kind of language, where you communicate with the computers.

It has it’s own grammar and vocabulary which helps you to communicate with machines to complete a task.

4. I Should Learn Only The Best Language

It depends on what you want to do with it because the best language for you to learn is the one that suits your current purpose, either for work or study.

Every language serves a specific purpose and works differently. Some languages are may easier than others and more suited for a certain task. It’s all about personal preference.

For the beginners, I prefer python due to its simplicity, readability, and flexibility, or you can go with Java, it is also easy to learn and best of all.

5. It Is Necessary To Memorize all syntax

You don’t have to worry about memorizing syntax as you will be writing the same code again and again for thousands of times.

Most programming languages have similar syntax, do not require purposeful memorization. Furthermore, modern integrated development environments(IDE) have the pop-up hints that will help you remember instructions or syntaxes.

6. Need A Powerful Computer To Learn Code

Many beginners believe that a powerful computer is needed to learn to program but actually, this is not true you can learn basic programming skills on an ordinary computer. If your computer good at running browsers and basic games then it’s enough to run basic programming.

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