Most Common Challenges Every New Programmers Face

As a beginner in the programming industry, your first experience with programming starts off exciting and even you do coding all day but after a few days/weeks, you going to start facing challenges and problems such as bug reports, deadlines, etc. and it makes you feel frustrated, irritated and lazy.

Here, I will try to list some common challenges that every new programmer generally face and also will try to mention some solutions and points that make the programmer motivated.

The Problems that might new programmers face.

  1. Communication skills.
  2. Not understanding the user what he wants from you.
  3. Not planning the code how it needs to be.
  4. Keeping up with the technology, new updates, and concepts.
  5. Sitting for hours with no correct outputs.
  6. Debugging small mistakes.


As a new programmer, you need to ask for help at some point, as a newbie you may hesitate to talk to your team members about your code-related issues or any problem.

Some time poor communication leads you to conflict with your team members. If you don’t try to build good communication skills with the team members, then you’re the responsible for the problem.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help them with your issues you are facing in the workplace. Mention your problems clearly, communicate with them good.

If you have a communication problem, learn as quickly as possible, when it comes to the IT industry communication skills are also important as technical skills because you need to talk to different kinds of people. You need to talk to your team members, managers, and users, etc.

As the technology is growing and changing rapidly, you must keep up with important updates that might affect your skills.

Whenever you find yourself bored and frustrated, take a break. Go on a vacation and enjoy, after you come back it gives you a fresh mind, now start thinking again about the problem you left behind.

If you are stuck somewhere in your code, have a cup of coffee or a walk and start again.

Just imagine if your app or project used by millions of people and you are the part of their happy and smiling faces, don’t you feel good, you can feel proud of and this what motivates most of the people.

Everyone makes mistakes, what all are the mistakes you’re making, has been made by others also who started off just like you. Other new programmers looked for solutions to the problems and at the end came out better. So, don’t give up just keep trying.

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