Why Java is Best and Why You Should Learn Java Programming Language

Learning Java programming language opens up endless opportunities and has countless benefits. Java is still the most in-demand computer programming language in the world and the job opening for Java is reported to increase in the current year. According to Google Trends, Java is the third most popular programming language among recruiters and developers. All these facts point out that Java is a must-learn language if you want to strengthen your resume and excel in the computer programming field.why java is best

Endless Resource

If you have some knowledge of computer programming languages, you can learn Java sitting in the comfort of your home. There are endless tutorials and videos available online for free. Similarly, there are countless paid online courses on Java to master it. Furthermore, you can find many java training centers around your area where you can enroll and learn it within a few months. There are online forums where you can clarify your doubts and strengthen your coding skills.

Unlimited Opportunities

There is an extremely high demand for Java programmers due to its wide application in various sectors of worldwide industries. Android programming is based out of Java and hence, there are unlimited job opportunities in the smartphone industry. The bottom line is that if you have a good coding skill in Java programming, there is no dearth of jobs for you in the near and far future.

Rich Toolset

One of the biggest reasons for Java to be so popular is its rich API collection. There are literally tools for everything you want to create. Even the IDEs like Eclipse and Netbeans are extremely user-friendly and help immensely in easy and advanced debugging. The formatting is done automatically and the explanations to the errors are detailed. Hence, it is very suitable for the beginners.


The popularity of Java rose due to the fact that a code written in Java can be run anywhere as it is platform independent. This feature is extremely important for large-scale industrial application development. It opens up the scope for scalability and stability. Furthermore, this feature makes it easy for professional to maintain large application effortlessly. Moreover, due to platform independence, Java has become the first choice for the Internet of Things(IoT) which is the trend in the electronic industry.

Best For Beginners

Java is the most relevant computer language for beginners. It is fun to learn and once you master it, you can learn every other language effortlessly. It has a better garbage collection and memory management system which are instrumental in developing and running large applications smoothly. It can handle the exceptions better so that the entire application does not crash for a small glitch in the system. Furthermore, you will learn to write database queries and get acquainted with several database languages like SQL and Oracle.

Future Scope

The future scope of Java is unlimited. It is widely used in all the latest technologies like cloud computing, enterprise application development, mobile app development, IoT, artificial intelligent which is going to be the biggest trend in upcoming years and likewise. Therefore, once you have a good knowledge of Java, you can work in any of these domains seamlessly with a short training.

Furthermore, there are so many great communities available online that any problem that you might face in Java even when you are in your professional life, you can find their detailed solutions in those communities. You should not waste any further time and get started with Java to strengthen your future career.

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