An interview with Saurabh Tiwari founder of techibhai.com

Hello bloggers in our today’s interview series we have Saurabh tiwari founder of  Techibhai.com. Where he shares topics related to  Blogging, SEO, Social Media, Smart Phones, Reviews, and money more related Tech Updates.

And apart from Techibhai, Saurabh and his friend Navin rao (founder of questioncage.com) both together started a Digital marketing Agency called AllDigiTrends and providing services such as SEO, SMO and Content writing.,etc.

So let’s jump into Interesting interview with Saurabh without any delay.

interview with techibhai

Hi Saurabh Tiwari, Can you please tell us what your blog is all about to our readers?

Hello techadvicebro readers &Mansoor Ali, Thanksfor invitingme on your blog, so I am happy to be here.

I am from a very small town Lalganj, Pratapgarh from Uttar Pradesh. I have completed bachelorsBCA (bachelor in Computer Application) in 2011 From Ghaziabad.

After Graduation, I joined an IT firm as SEO trainee, after joining this Company; I spent most of time on reading SEO blogs and learnt about Digital Marketing as well as blogging.

In July 2014, I launched alldigitrends.net and later in January 2016 I launched techibhai.com

Later in 2018, I left my full time job and with the help of Navin Rao, I and Navin both together established AllDigiTrends as an SEO Company in early 2018.

What inspired you most to start blogging ?

As I mentioned above, I started my career as SEO Executive, Even I worked for other Clients as SEO Consultant. In the starting of journey in the Digital marketing field, I love to read a lot of blogs in various niches. One I was reading an interview of RohanChaubey (One to Most Followed India’s Growth hacker) in my colleagues blog that day, I thought to start a Blog for myself. Techibhai.com is my 2nd blog and very close to my heart.

What are the major challenges you experienced while building techibhai ?

In the starting of blogging journey, I have made lots of mistakes when I was newbie like I started writing content without doing proper keyword research and poor On-Page optimization.

That’s was the reason that I didn’t get good traffic in starting days and I didn’t make good money until 1.5 years which I didn’t expect at all. I think that was the most challenging moment for me in blogging so far.

What strategies/sources do you use to monetize your blog ?

Right now my main income source is Sponsored Post, Ad Space, Product Reviews, AdSense and affiliate marketing.

Which are the 3 blogging tools you can’t live without and why ?

Canva – This is a Web based Graphic Design tool. All the featured images you see in my blog posts are created with this tool.

Ahrefs –One of mine all-time favorite SEO tool to jot down all the Competitor Research, Backlink analysis,Site Audit and managing many SEO related things.

Grammarly – I love this writing tool more than other. This tool has made my blog writing and guest blogging so easier.

How is your daily schedule? How many hours you work on your blog ?

I usually get up at 7:00 AM daily, take the bath, have breakfast, and start my work around 9:30.

Between, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, I do my SEO Freelance work, after that, I start work on my blog, Weather I have to create backlink, Content or Social Sharing and all.

Which is the best strategy that worked well for you to get more traffic to your blog ?

I follow the 3 fundamental strategies, Content Marketing, On-Page SEO and link building to make my blog stand out.

What are your favorite blogs and books ?

I read a lot of blogs in various niches. I keep myself updated from various blogs like Moz, Ahrefs, Cognitive SEO, Backlinko, Matthew Woodward, Techradar, Digit and others.

What are the tips you have for new bloggers ?

To become a successful in any field is not like preparing a cup of tea whether you are in blogging field. Everyone need to be creative to do hard work since it is not going too happened over night.

Try to connect with other authority or newbie bloggers as much as possible. Do attend, meet up’s, blogging events and word camps. In blogging industry networking is the key to success

What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers ?

There are many Services you can offer as blogger.

Some of them are following:

  • Writing Services
  • SEO Services
  • Establish a blog and sell it
  • Social Media Services

Again for newbie’s, most of them struggle when it comes about bringing traffic to their blogs. Please share some tips that they can use to build some traffic on their blogs ?

For Instant traffic, start doing social sharing. Sharing posts on Social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn,also improve our search engine ranking

You can promote your content on different blogging Communities like bizsugar, Triberr, Growth Hacker, Indi blogger and all.

After all Write in-depth posts, Start building Authority backlink and don’t forget to update your old blog Post (with the help Google Web master tool) in a consistent manner to gain a huge readership.

How TechAdviceBro readers can stay in touch with you and any message for the blogging community here ?

You can contact me through my blog contact form. Or Directly Via Email [email protected]

What is your final words to our readers ?

First Find your blog niche, writing style, keep patience, be creative and most important focus on a single blog in starting. Never ever blog for money in the starting of your blog journey. Blogging for money might make money for you, but you will get tired of this eventually, so first make your blog as brand.


Thanks Saurabh for accepting my interview and sharing your thoughts, learnings and insights to our blog readers.

Guys if you find this interview helpful please do share on your social media platforms and in case you have any doubt or queries related to blogging or tech, Please feel free to ask in comment section below.


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