Interview with Santanu Debnath Founder of BloggingJoy : Shared Useful Tips For New Bloggers

interview with santanu debnath

Hello Bloggers! Welcome to Our Bloggers Interview series, Today we are here with one of my favourite blogger Santanu Debnath founder of BloggingJoy.com where he shares starting a blog, tips and tricks, SEO, Keywords and making money online through blogging.

Today in this interview, Santanu shared a lot of useful tips for new bloggers and also shared tips for bringing traffics to their blogs and many more about blogging.

I know that you guys are very much excited about this interview, I don’t want to waste time let’s get started.

Interview with Santanu Debnath Founder of BloggingJoy.com

Hi Santanu, Can you please tell us what your blog is all about to our readers?

First of all, I want to say a big Thank You for giving me this honor. I’m happy to share my thoughts with your audience and hope they will find the discussion helpful.

My blog BloggingJoy.com is all about those who are interested to start a blog on WordPress and want to make it a successful one. Through BloggingJoy I am trying to help the bloggers with different resources, information & useful tools to make their blogging journey smooth.

I have been blogging since 2007 and my first blog was on BlogSpot platform. I am a software programmer by profession. So, gradually I got connected with the technicalities of WordPress and found this as the best blogging platform for all those who are serious with their blogging plans.

What inspired you most to start blogging?

I am one of the typical products of our Indian education system 🙂 I did well in school, followed by a top college and then finally got into an eye-catching IT job. Becoming a Software pro back in 2006 was considered to be really cool. In fact, I was also enjoying that journey.

But, within a year I realized that, something was missing. And then someday, while looking for some recipe online, I stumbled upon the term called ‘blogging’. (By the way, I love to cook and my wife says, I’m pretty good at it:) )

That time I have explored many recipe blogs and found that how people were pursuing their interest through this platform. I think that is what inspired me the most to get into the blogging world.

Also, I used to read different blogs and have learned a lot from Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai of MyBloggerTricks, one of my most favourite bloggers.

MBT is the best blog for anyone, who is interested to learn blogging on the Blogspot platform. For me, blogging was just a hobby back then. But, later on, when I moved to WordPress, I kind of started loving it.

What are the major challenges you experienced while building BloggingJoy?

Like many beginners, I also tried to create many blogs. And, as I was treating blogging as a hobby or you can say a time-pass option, I never focused on creating a single quality blog.

My challenge was always to manage time, focusing on a single topic and becoming an expert in one niche. I started a blog 3 years ago to write about affiliate marketing & blogging. But,was never able to give the needed efforts to make it countable. But last year I thought to migrate that to BloggingJoy.com and start a fresh.

Starting a blog on Blogging & WordPress niche looks very attractive. But, frankly speaking, it is very challenging as your readers are none other than your competitors or others bloggers, who already have the knowledge and looking for something striking.

And right now, that is what my intention is with Bloggingjoy.com. I am into this field since 2007 and know almost all the pro-bloggers from the time they have started their journey. And now, I will try to share my learnings & knowledge through various resource articles on my blog.

What strategies/sources do you use to monetize your blog?

To keep it simple, I am fully depending on affiliate products. Many affiliate networks are available out there and few of those like ShareASale, Viglink, CueLinks(Indian traffic) have worked great for me. I also have websites from where I am getting few bucks from AdSense.

I think the strategy is very simple. For Adsense, you need to find the high CPC keywords and build a blog around them, which can fetch high volume of traffic.

For affiliate revenue, you have to rank higher in the search engine for the buyer intent keywords (best products, which type of product, discounts etc.)

What is the best way to get success in affiliate marketing?

Success in affiliate marketing depends upon 2 factors.

1) You are an influencer who can convince the readers

2) You can rank #1 in Google

I know the first point is not for everyone. But you can surely get good results if you know what to target. Although I am not consistently successful in affiliate yet, but I got some success during last year’s Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale. And from that experience, I can say that it’s all about ranking your money articles on the top spot in Google first page.Off course, Black Friday is such a time when people are ready to buy more, which may not be the case rest of the year.

Which are the 3 blogging tools you can’t live without and why?

Recently I have invested a lot for my blog to use couple of popular blogging tools like Thrive Architect, Thrive Leads, WP Rocket etc. However, I am not using them too much. E.g. I amusing Thrive Architect only for my homepage & tools page so far.

Recently I have installed Rank Math SEO Plugin and I am using this plugin most of the time to optimize my blog posts for SEO, rich snippets etc. This plugin simply awesome and help you to optimize your articles properly. You can check this Rank Math SEO settings guide to set up your website SEO.

How is your daily schedule? How many hours you work on your blog?

As I told above, blogging is my passion and I have been blogging as part-time. During weekdays, my full-time job eats the majority of my time. But still I am able to find enough time to execute my plans.

The major strength behind my blogging journey is my wife ManidipaBhaumik. She is handling the content editing, proof-reading, on-page SEO optimization and graphic design for my blog.

So, I can easily manage my Facebook group & my main blog during the weekdays. And on weekends, I am devoting all my time to my blogs

What is your goal for 2019?

To be more focused and consistent with my blogging plans.

What are your favorite blogs and books?

I am not quite fond of reading books, though I tried to read few books. E.g. Rich dad Poor Dad, I think many people have read that. However, I am an avid reader of different blogs. I spend majority of my time in reading different blogs in my niche.

Few of the blogs which I read repeatedly are Backlinko, GotchSEO, BloggersPassion, BloggingWizard, Detailed.com and few more. This list of quite big actually.

What are the tips you have for new bloggers?

I can say one thing that as a beginner I did a lot of mistakes & overlooked many things. Blogging is really awesome when it starts giving you return in the form of money or audience or fame.

But, 2019 is quite different compared to 2007.Blogging is no more a hobby or fun. This is one of the mainstream careers in Digital marketing and there are people who are making a living out of blogging.

So, I would like to share some important tips to beginners.

1) You have to understand that you can’t make money overnight. The formula of creating a quality & useful blog is same for all and you have to follow that process slowly.

2) Don’t get disheartened by seeing the big numbers people are showing about the amount of money they are making. I know people who are actually making money from blogging, but many of them are faking it too. Anyway, don’t get into this argument.

Rather I would say, try to value blogging as a mainstream career option like Engineering or Medical.

In our society, people think that anyone can make lakhs of money by creating a website. But the same person knows that it takes 6-7 years to become a doctor and start earning money. Then why the thought isn’t same for blogging?

3) Never quit your job because others are doing it. It looks cool to quit a job and get into blogging. Try to focus on your career mainly, get a job and pursue blogging parallelly. It takes time to understand blogging and make it a full-time career option. Until that time, it’s a good to have a blog as an extra income option along with a good mainstream career path.

4) Try to make friends in blogging. This is what I can say from my own experiences. It is not at all a battle of playing alone.

Even though we bloggers are competing in the similar niches, but this is the beauty of blogging that we are also helping each other to grow.

What do you think is the best service a blogger can provide to his readers?

I truly admire Pradeep Kumar of HBB in this regard. He is a professional blogger and through his Facebook group he is returning back all his experiences & learnings to the newbie bloggers. I think this is the best service as a blogger one can offer to the blogging community.

Again for the newbies, most of them struggle when it comes about bringing traffic to their blogs. Please share some tips that they can use to build some traffic on their blogs?

This is the million $$ question every blogger is looking for. Gone are the days, when people had to depend highly on Google search. Right now there are so many platforms like Quora, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Besides search traffic, we can get good referral traffic from them as well. I found many bloggers are 100% depending on Pinterest Traffic only.

So, one tip if I have to share is to become a master in any of these platforms besides the search engines. E.g. study people like Ravi Chahar (LinkedIn influencer) and Rohan Chaubey (Twitter growth hacker) to learn how they are able to get the most out of these platforms.

How TechAdviceBro readers can stay in touch with you and any message for the blogging community here?

I am always available to help someone. You can join my Facebook group or contact me through my blog contact form. Please expect a delay in weekdays, but, don’t get disheartened as I will surely get back to everyone by end of the day 🙂

What are your final words to our readers?

Try to connect with bloggers as much as possible. Yes, networking is the key to success. We all know our intensions and there is nothing wrong, as blogging is purely business. But, remember there is a proper way to do things and that is what makes this profession worthy to continue.

Another thing is, there are millions of blogs out there writing the same stuffs, so don’t expect anything miracle will happen in the next 2-3 months. But, if that is your skill or passion, then just do it consistently & with honesty. It will surely give you return in the long run.

And before I end, thank you so much brother for asking so many questions and giving me the freedom to express my knowledge and thoughts on your blogger’s interview column. I hope your audience will find something useful from this Interview. I wish you best of luck in your blogging journey.

My Final Words

First thing I need to say is, I am very much thankful to Santanu Debnath for accepting my invitation and answering all my questions regarding blogging to help and motivate beginners.

To my readers, If you want to clarify your doubts and learn more about blogging and for good contacts, you can join Santanu’s Facebook group and as well as Tech Advice Bro Facebook Group where we are very much active in Facebook to help new bloggers.


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