How to Start a Blog and Make Money : Totally A Beginners Guide

how to start a blog and make money

Blogging is like a online book updated regularly, where you share your thoughts and experience or learnings with your readers. In return, it generates money for you. WOW! it’s awesome right.

Blogging was before just a hobby for many people and but now it’s like money gaining machine.

But Note: don’t blog just only for sake of money it may lead you wrong direction and shuts the blogging journey.

Focus on valuable contents and guides to stay life long in the blogging journey. It builds a strong brand and valuable people and connections.

You might think now, just by doing blog and sharing my content on online generates money in millions?

Yes, Definitely you can if you take it blogging seriously and put hard works rightly and treated blogging as business.

You can check it out there are many bloggers out there making millions on just by blogging and enjoying their dreams and travelling the world.

You want to be one of them?. You don’t know how to start a blog. Don’t worry follow the bellow guide step by step and make it happen.

Step 1: Finding the appropriate niche for you

Here, Most of the newbies go wrong, frankly speaking when I was a beginner even I took the wrong one.

You might be wondering as a beginner, What is a niche?.

Niche is nothing but choosing a well-suited topic for your blogging.

Why did I mention well-suited there? the reason is simple if you not go with what you good at

  • Then you’ll lose interest in blogging.
  • You stop focusing on what you want to do.
  • You can’t able to build the right audience.

Take time to selecting the niche, don’t be rush. Do better research. Here are the some tips

  • Think yourself what you good at.
  • Go with the topic that makes you non-stoppable.
  • Ask yourself do I enjoying my learning or writing article.
  • Go with what excites you and make you learn more.

And also research the niche you selected is reachable to the proper audience and can able to make money with it.

  • Are people searching for it? Are they looking for the solutions in your niche.
  • Can able promote your products or affiliates in your niche.
  • Can able to drive a good amount of traffic to your niche.

Consider the above points choose niche wisely don’t regrate later.

Step 2: Choosing a Correct Domain Name

If you want to consider your blog as a brand or business, Then you need to select a good brandable name for your blog.

Some bloggers might tell you choosing a domain name is not that much as important initially, but according to me when we are creating a blog from scratch why we can’t spend little time to choosing a good brandable domain name that attracts people.

Initially, I too failed choosing the correct domain name. Based on my experience am telling you to follow below steps to chose the correct brand name.

Keep it is easy and memorable don’t give users a chance to misspell or mistype or hard to remember.

Keep always domain name short and simple. Don’t use hyphens or any other symbols and numbers in your domain name.

Include keywords. It will help you to rank in search engines and also it clearly says what type of service or blog that you providing.

Use correct extension for your domain name: more than 50% of websites use .com extension and .com extension is easily recognizable and easy to remember.

If your target audience is limited to your country, you can also go with a country-specific domain extension like .in, .au and .us etc.,

After finding your appropriate domain name register it as soon

Step 3: How to Register a Domain Name

After you finalized your domain name you need to register it in any domain name services provider like name.com Namecheap or Godaddy.

Registering a domain name is just simple, Go to the service provider website (namecheap), in there search for a domain name if it available add to the cart.

Domain name registration

Once you added to the cart confirm your order, if you have any promo code you can apply it.

domain name confirm

Once you have bought your domain name you are ready to setup your hosting.

Step 4: How to select and purchase a Web Hosting

Without hosting provider you not able to publish your blog, where there only your files and contents are stored, they allow the users to access your blog via internet using the domain name. Domain name is like the address to your content.

You can find a lot of hosting providers on the internet, Instead of mentioning each and every hosting providers here, I would recommend you go with SiteGround.

I’m not simply suggesting you SiteGround. I’m suggesting you based on Facebook polls on various digital marketing groups and going through some reviews and suggestion from experts.

steground review facbook poll

For more about SiteGround review visit:(Siteground vs bluehost) by blogging lift

Now Quickly I will guide you how to register with SiteGround

First, go to Siteground. You’ll be redirected to as shown in bellow image.

hosting selection

Choose WordPress hosting and click on get started.

siteground palnsYou can find different plans here, for newbies I would suggest go for StartUp Plan if you are host only one blog. Later you can change your plans based on your requirements

Siteground domain selectionAfter choosing the plan you’ll be redirected to choose a domain window If you have already purchased a domain, choose the option I already have a domain and enter your domain name and click on proceed.

Siteground account information

Fill account and client information.

Siteground payment information

Fill your card details for to proceed your payment.siteground purchase information

Here you can see plan details and also you can change the time period from 12months to 24month or 36month.

When you purchasing for the first time they provide at special price $3.95/mo as you see in the image instead of $11.95  after the first purchase you will be charged regular price.

siteground pay

Before clicking on pay now, you need to check on terms and privacy policy of Siteground and if you need any updates to your mail about special offers you can check second option(it’s optional).

After all set, click on pay now button and wait for a couple of minutes you’ll receive account details to your mail.

Step 5 : How to Install WordPress

I always prefer to go with WordPress because it’s easy, user-friendly and huge community supports and also you can find a lot of themes and add-ons for free as well as paid to extend the appearance and features of WordPress than other content management system.

Even from a security perspective not less than others it also follows proper security standards. For more secure, you can even use back up systems or two-factor authentications using plugins.

The most important thing is you no need to worry about technical matters without technical knowledge you can install WordPress easily by few clicks just follow the steps

Step1: Login to SiteGround using account details

SiteGround Login

Login to SiteGround account using Login credentials given by SiteGround to your mail.

And then after login click on My Account and select Go to cPanel to access cPanel

Step2: Install WordPress using Auto-installers

install wordpress using cpanel

Using auto installers install WordPress by just clicking on it.

Step3: Setting Software setup

After clicking on that tab you will be redirected to here, Here you need to choose your Protocol and domain name that you registered.

wordpress software setup

Provide your blog name and descriptions.

blog name and description

Initially, it will be provided by some default values but you can change your admin user name and password and email according to your convenient.

wordpress admin setup

wordpress install tab

Leave other options as it is and click on install

wordpress installed success

Now WordPress has been installed, you can check it and login to your WordPress account using administrative URL.

Step 6: WordPress theme selection and basic setups

To customize your WordPress themes and plugins you just need to login to your WP account first

Go to your your-blog.com/wp-admin

Enter your login credentials.

wordpress login


After login this how your dashboard looks like as a beginner you might find not easy to use it, but with some practice, you can handle it easily.

wordpress dashboard

How to choose theme

Even though they have given you default theme we need to change it based on your niche selection or requirements.

Themes are like pillars for your blog so while choosing the theme consider theme designs and responsiveness on mobile devices.

If you do not choose well-designed themes and mobile responsive themes then you lose your user attention towards your blog.

As a beginner, if you think, you don’t want to invest in themes at the beginning you can go for free responsive themes later you can change into premium themes.

To change themes select Appearance -> themes

wordpress themes selection

Now click on add new button.

wordpress addnew themes

Then you’ll be redirected bellow page.

theme selection wordpress

Here, you can find a number of themes you can use Feature Filter and Search bar for finding the themes that you like.

If you ask me my suggestion?

For freemium I would suggest you GeneratePress free version or If you are going for the premium version I would suggest you StudioPress.

After selecting the theme Install and activate it.

How to customize the theme

Select appearance -> customize

wordpress theme customize

You will be moved to as shown below image

theme customze settings

You can change header setting, menus and theme Settings. Using that highlighted options you can customize your theme according to your need.

step 7:How to add plugins in WordPress

After installing the WordPress the next thing the beginners need to learn “how to add plugins” to the blog because it makes you easier to handle the WordPress.

In other words we can say plugins or Add-ons are used to make WordPress Awesome, Fast, SEO-Friendly, Customizable and Secure.

Instead of adding codes manually to WordPress, you just adding plugins(already coded) to do some specific task.

To add plugins to your blog, follow the steps.

Go to plugins in the sidebar menu their select add new

how to install wordpress plugin

Search plugin that you looking for in search bar.

plugin search

You can find thousands of plugins in WordPress, literally for everything but here am going to mention some basic needed plugins for you

  1. All in ONE SEO: SEO is the key factor to increase your traffic and make your blog popular, to implement SEO into a website you need a lot of practice and training but considering beginners to make them easy let they install All in one SEO plugin to practice and implement SEO easily.
  2. W3 Total Cache: User always expect speed and good performance if you do not have good performance then users would go to another site, to not to happen you need to increase website performance by installing W3 Total Cache plugin.
  3. Smush: It also gives hands to increase in site performance by reducing the image size that you use in posts.
  4. Updraftplus: Backuping you site is very important you need to take backups regularly if your site goes something wrong you can use backup and run up again. To achieve this use Updraftplus plugin. It allows you to take backup and kept in your server or google drive or wherever you want.
  5. iThemes Security: We know that hackers are everywhere, so we need to keep our website away from hackers and vulnerabilities.

Here I mentioned some needed and basic plugins only, you can also add other plugins to this list based on your requirements.

Step 8: How to start writing blog posts

Writing is the key to success in a blogging journey even though there are several things to determine blogging success but without writing you can’t make it happen.

Great writings add more values to your post and bring traffics, so try to write great posts.

As a beginner, you might think how do I bring such posts? Don’t worry I’ll guide you.

Initially, I too struggled to write articles, now also am not telling that am perfect but at least I can guide beginners how to write articles based on my experience.

  • Just start reading other bloggers you will get ideas on how to write and what to write.
  • Don’t think too much just start writing, no problem if you make mistakes. No one perfect everyone learnt from mistakes only.
  • Write anything that you like daily at least 500words, if you do not publish also it’s OK. You will learn writing skill.
  • Write blog posts as you advising or texting to your friends because whenever we advise anything to friends or to family members we genuinely do and we care about them. Same here, if your blog is very genuine and transparent. It automatically reaches to people

Just follow these simple points what i mentioned, you will start learning to write great blog posts.

To write a blog post in WordPress just hover over Posts and click on Add New

wordpress new post

Then you will be moved to this below window where you can write blog posts

blog post wordpress

Whenever you write a new article come up with an eye catchy title. It should make readers so curious about the blog post to read. Titles are the first impression of your blog post, which has the ability to bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

Whenever you write a blog post try to write high-quality content and try to give solutions to the user queries and search patterns and include images and screenshots for users better understanding.

Step 9: How to integrate your Blog to Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free web tool which tracks user traffic and their behaviors on your blog and also tracks demographics of users which helps you to build your blog according to that.

To integrate Analytics go to Google Analytics and signup with it.

google analytics setup

Select Website and fill all the information and select Category and Time Zone and click on “Get Tracking ID”

google analytics setup js file

Then you will be redirected to this page, where it provides you JS code, copy it and paste it into the header section.

For paste into the header section, you need to Install the plugin called “Insert Headers and Footers by WPBeginners” and then go to settings, select the Header Footer section and paste the code into the header section.

insert headers and footers pluginNow you can easily track your site on Google Analytics

Step 10: How to submit the blog to Google Search Console

Once you have published your blog and integrated with Google Analytics you need to submit your site to google search console, it helps you easily index or lists your blog post on google search engine and also helps you to monitor, maintain and improve your blog. If any issues or problems found with your blog, it notifies you and helps you to fix it.

To submit your blog, go to Google search console

google search consele

Insert your blog URL and click on add property you’ll be asked to verify your blog

verify site in google search consoleNow it is very easy to verify your Search Console, just select alternative method and choose Google Analytics and click on “VERIFY”.

After you verified search console, you need to submit your sitemap, for that Install plugin called “Google XML Sitemaps” and go to settings -> XML-Sitemap and copy URL.

Google XML sitemap

And then go to google search console -> sitemaps

submit sitemap

Instead of pasting full URL Paste or write only sitemap.xml there and click on submit.

The submitting the sitemap helps you index your web pages or blog post on Google Search Engine.

Step 11:How to Monetize your blog

how to make money blogging

As I said before the first thing you need to keep in mind, treat blogging as a business.

As like in business here also you need to build a strong brand and presence in the field.

Try to achieve user satisfaction and user expectations.

If possible provide some free services to attract users and to make them keep come back to your blog.

Understand clearly user behavior, performance, demographics and their responses.

Based on that understanding and responses start Monetizing your blog.

For this it will take time, it will not happen immediately at least it takes 3 months. For some people even it may take more than 3, it all about your hard work and dedication.

Once you start building the audience, you will start making money.

Here are some best ways to make money online through blogging

  • Affiliate marketing: Promoting other site product, whenever a sale happens you get a commission(eg, Amazon Affiliate, Flipkart Affiliate)
  • Sponsored reviews: Blogger gets paid for reviewing the product in his post.
  • PPC or CPC: It is an advertising placement service, ads will be placed on your blog for targeted text, whenever users click on add you will get paid. (eg. Google Adsense)
  • Services: Providing services to their users like training, coaching, designing, consulting.., etc
  • Creating own product: Selling your own product such as online courses, eBooks, Apps, teaching materials.., etc

If you ask me a suggestion I would recommend Affiliate marketing for the beginners even if you have a low monthly visitor you can make money through affiliate marketing, but you just need to promote the right products for the right targeted audience to generate a good income.


What you have learned here is just how to get started with blogging and what are the ways to make money.

To be successful and to make money through blogging you need to learn more about SEO and SEO tools, Content Writing, Promoting and Marketing.

And must and should you need unbreakable hard work and determination.

To produce great content and success. Be Consistent.

All the Best For your Blogging Journey.


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