How to rank higher on google : Best Strategies by bloggers[Expert Roundup]

how to rank higher on google

Ranking higher on Google is not an easy job for new bloggers or beginners, it requires hard work, dedication and creativity towards in learning and experiencing blogging, Especially to improve Google ranking you need to learn more on best working SEO Tips and Strategies.

SEO is the technique used to rank higher on Google to increase visitors and sales to their blogs. Without the help of SEO strategies, you can’t improve your Google ranking.

To help newbies and make them understand and implement the best working SEO strategies to rank higher in Google we have come up with an expert roundup post. [Where bloggers and experts have given their tips and strategies].

To grab their tips and strategies we have reached them through Facebook Groups and Personal mails with the question “The best strategies you using to rank higher on Google”. And got so many responses via Facebook posts and mail but still based on my viewers and beginners expectation we have sorted it into best ten.

I’m very much thankful to them for accepting my invite and gave their strategies to my viewers to improve their Google ranking.

Guys, I understand. No more waiting for your keen let’s find their strategies below.

The best strategies you using to rank higher on Google

1.Akshay Hallur [ Website | Twitter ]

akshay hallur seo strategiesHere are the SEO strategies I’m implementing on my main blog BloggingX:

1. Quality content: I produce very high quality content on my blog at BloggingX, because I believe user engagement signals are the #1 ranking factors and also Google RankBrain can understand the information closer to the way that we humans do.

2. LSI keywords: I make sure to semantically optimize the content on my blog using the LSI and related keywords in the article.

3. Content depth: It refers to how in-depth the content you write is. The content should really dive deep into the concept, giving examples, related studies, research, screenshots, and so on. A shallow 700-word blog posts won’t really make it.

4. Content breadth: It refers to how wide your topic coverage is. It should be wide enough to cover the various aspects of the topic you’re discussing.

5. Quality backlinks: I focus on getting quality backlinks by doing guest posting, and also at BloggingX I attract lots of natural backlinks due to the quality of content.

6. Internal links: Strategic internal linking is very crucial in terms of on-page SEO of your site. It’s the most powerful on-page SEO factor.

7. Site design: You need to neatly format your content with content boxes and rich graphics to make sure people stick around for a longer period. It has a strong correlation with rankings.


2.Anil Agarwal [ Website | Twitter ]

anil agarwal seo strategies

Getting top 3 results on Google search should be your ultimate target with each and every keyword you target.

So the key here is to choose low search volume keywords so you can easily rank no matter what industry you are in.

Make sure to aim for getting into top 10 search results for any keyword (once your post goes live). Then, focus on moving up your rankings. Here’s where tracking your keyword positions help you a lot. I personally use SEMrush which helps me with the position tracking.

Here are few tips to get top rankings for your keywords.

Choose long tail keywords. It’s better to find those keywords with 1000 or even less monthly searches. Keep an eye on CPC of the keywords as well. The higher the CPC, the better potential the keyword has to generate more money.

Use proper tools. I use SEMrush for keyword research. If you’re looking for free stuff, Ubersuggest is great as well.

Optimize well. Use plugins like Yoast SEO to properly optimize your contents for keywords. Then, focus on creating extremely great content which is better than your competitors.

Once you’re done with the publishing part of your content, start promoting to generate more links, comments and social shares. Ranking for a keyword takes time (as we’ve written a SEO case study around it), so don’t expect overnight results.

So there you go! That’s the step by step process to rank for most of the keywords.


3.Istiak Rayhan [ Website | Twitter ]

Istiak Rayan Seo Startegies

The Best Strategies I Am Following To Rank Higher On Google

This is a big question with even a bigger answer. But I will try to keep my answer as simple as possible as it’s a roundup post.

Here I’ll be sharing top 3 strategies that I follow to rank higher on Google.

Strategy #1: Writing Useful & In-Depth Blog Post

Whenever I write a blog post, I try my best to make it as useful as possible. My number one goal is to make readers happy by providing their desirable answers. I don’t want them to read another resources to get the answers.

At the same time, I make sure that the post is visually appealing and engaging. This is why we recently launched Ultimate Blocks that helps bloggers to write better content.

Strategy #2: Doing Massive Outreach To Generate Social Shares & Backlinks

This is something that I was not doing for years.

For years, I had been relying on “Publish & Pray” approach. And it used to work back in 2012 – 13 when the competition was low. But it’s not working anymore.

Now it’s not enough to write an in-depth post and wait for Google to send you traffic. You need to spend more time on promoting blog posts. And the best way to promote your blog posts is to do massive outreach. It generates both social share and backlinks.

Strategy #3: Updating Old Posts Regularly

Google always tries to provide up-to-date results to their users. That’s why they introduced “Freshness” update back in 2011.

It’s still one of the important ranking factors. If you regularly update your posts with relevant contents, you will get better rank.

So these are the top strategies I follow to get better rankings.

4.Sumit Sao [ Website | Twitter ]

sumit Seo startegies

If you want to rank on Google 1st page. Then you must follow these strategies which I’ve mentioned below:

1. Update your existing content – As we all know that our existing content already has some authority. So rather than writing a new blog post entirely from scratch, you should find blog posts which are already performing well using Google Analytics tool and update it with more valuable information, images and screenshots.

2. Focus on Building Links: It’s as important as writing new content in your blog. If you want to defeat your competitors in search ranking then focus on building link. There are lots of techniques for building link like Blogger outreach, broken link building etc.

3. Content is king: We all know this fact that content is kind. So, I’ll suggest you write an article which can solve your reader’s problem because Google is all about search intent and bringing the most relevant and best articles in front of the user.

4. Use 3-4 Long Tail Keywords: If you are writing an in-depth article on any topic then don’t focus only on a single keyword. Go to AnswerThePublic.com and type your keyword. It’ll provide you with a list of related question. Now go to any keyword research tool and enter all these long tail keywords and check it’s search volume and KD. Now select 4-5 best keywords and use it in your article. You can use these keywords in your subheadings, internal link anchor text, image alt tag etc.

BONUS TIP: If your blog is new then I would suggest you find the keyword which has low keyword difficulty and low search volume. It’ll definitely help you rank your article on Google.

I hope you’ll use these 5 simple methods to get more traffic from search engine.

5.Santanu debnath [ Website | Twitter ]

santanu debnath seo strategies

Ranking in top position for your keyword depends on many things. The very first factor is the competition of the keyword and the search results available in Google already. That means, if many people already wrote on that topic then the game will be different, compared to writing on something new.

But even if you write on some keyword which is new and easy to rank, can lost rank in few days as soon as other people start writing on that topic. So, to make it easy, I generally follow certain rules for my blog.

1) Find out your competitors and look for their high-traffic keywords. SEMrush is the best tool to start with. You can also try some free tool as a beginner, but for best results you have to go for paid tools.

2) Write in-dept content with useful information, addressing pain points of readers in the form of question & answer. You can check this guide on how to write in depth article that brings more traffic. You can also try different long tail versions of that topic to rank for them, rather than the main keyword which may be highly competitive.

3) On-page SEO is the key to optimize your article for different long tail keywords. Update the article regularly with more information from time to time.

4) You have to build links around your article to rank higher. You can go for blogger outreach, host expert roundups, interview popular bloggers in your blog etc. This will help you to get authority mentions as well as social exposure.

Ranking is not a few days game. You have to work hard and execute all your strategies slowly and then in few months you can definitely get the desired ranking. But remember that, everyone is trying to run after the same keyword, and that makes it difficult. So, you have to be smart enough when it comes to choosing the keywords or to build backlinks or authority.

6.Manidipa Bhaumik [ Website | Twitter ]

Manidipa Bhaumik seo strategiesRanking higher in Google is what everyone is looking for. And that makes your job tougher than ever. However, if you know what to do and can be consistent in doing that, then it’s truly achievable.

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Ranking starts with keywords. If you’re starting a new blog, it is always better to target the low competition long tail keywords. As less people are competing for that, you can rank your keyword easily. However, that doesn’t mean higher ranking is possible without doing the other important SEO strategies.

Write Content for the Users First

We all want to rank high in Google and tend to write keeping Google in mind. However, you need to understand that, if your content is able to solve the queries of the user, it will surely get the up vote from Google too. Definitely we should try to write in-depth content, however, it is not always about how many words you write. If your content has the exact and adequate answer for the searcher, it should be enough.

Correct Your On-Page SEO

On-page optimization is the simplest yet most effective SEO Strategy. There are various on-page elements like Title, Meta Description, H-Tags, Interlinking (very important), which you must take care of. Also, make sure you have a clean user interface with a fast loading website. These are very important factors to rank your keyword higher and faster.

Build Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are still the backbone of SEO. No matter how much good content you write, if you don’t build quality links around that, your content is not going to get the desired search engine ranking. Guest posting in high authority blogs, expert roundups, blog commenting, interviews are some effective ways to build backlinks. And, if you can create a good quality content, you can earn natural backlinks from that.

Also, make sure to update and republish your old content from time to time with more relevant information, visuals and up to date external and internal linking to make it more useful and hence improve your ranking.

7.Ali Raza [ Website | Twitter ]

Ali Raza Seo StartegiesMy first strategy is very easy and that is producing high quality content which is better then first page results on google for that query.

My second strategy is doing networking with fellow bloggers. Some times mentioning them and sometimes being mentioned by them on social media or their blogs. This is a win win situation for both of us.

The third strategy is slightly different and that is I’m trying to establish myself as an expert in my industry which is making me authority on subject. This also helps in getting more links and shares and mentions which ultimately helps with search engines.

8.Lokender Kumar [ Website | Twitter ]

Lokendra Kumar Seo startegies

Everyone wishes to rank 1st on Google, but the fact is only one succeeds. For a beginner ranking on 1st position is like a dream that is hard to achieve.

So I have shared strategies that I personally use to rank higher on Search Engines:

1.Determine the Right Target Keywords:

Targeting right keywords can help you to win SEO game easily. But when it comes to targeting a keyword most of the beginners just run after search volume. They blindly trust SEO tools and as a result of so-called low competitive keywords never ranked.

As a beginner, I made the same mistake. I was targeting every possible keyword having a higher search volume without examining its relevance to my site.

So my first advice is not to judge a keyword by its search volume only, check out other metrics too.

For an entirely new website, I recommend going with lower search volume keywords first. Most of the time they are easy to rank (don’t forget to check keyword competition). And later on, you can work on high competitive keywords.

While choosing the keywords for your site keep the following points in mind:

  1. The keyword should be relevant to your niche
  2. Go for Long Tail Keywords
  3. Understand the keyword Intent
  4. Analyze the Content, Backlinks, DA, PA etc. of the 1st-page rank holders.
  5.  Avoid keywords that drain out your hosting resources without providing any value.

2. Optimize Content for Related Search Terms:

Search Engines are smart enough to understand your content and rank content for related search terms. But most of the time those keywords get stuck on page 2 and page 3. Those keywords can bring an extra amount of traffic for you. Just optimize your content for related search terms & see the magic.

You can use SEO tools like SEMrush and Serpstat, but I use Google Webmaster + Keywords Everywhere Tool.

By using this trick you can also mine some hidden keywords that have a greater potential and, you can create a separate post on that topic too.

3. Master On-Page SEO:

Backlinks are essential but, ranking without backlinks is still possible.

I confess that I am worst at link building and if you are also bad too, On-Page SEO is a blessing to you. If you have done On-Page SEO correctly, there is no need to build thousands of backlinks. Just make proper use of Heading Tags, Meta Tags, use the targeted keyword in the Permalink, use multimedia/Info-graphics and Internal Linking etc.

9.Shivam Kumar: [ Website | Twitter ]

Shivam Kumar seo strategies

Target less competitive – longtail keywords:

Long-tail keywords are queries and usually more specific that conventional “head” keywords.

Long tail keywords are usually less competitive than short term keywords.

That’s why i always suggest everyone to write content on long tail keywords, most importantly if you are working on a brand new site.


The real truth is you can’t actually rank a brand new website on one word keywords.

Example : Optimizing your content for one word keyword like “Backlink” is . hardly possible.

Just search this keyword on google and take a look at the search result.

As you will notice there are more than 50 millions results are found for this keyword.

As well as high authority sites like backlinko, ahref, neil patel are ranking for this keyword.

So do you think you will easily outrank these website with your new site.

Of course not.

So, Should you give up and quit?

Of course not, This is where long tail keyword comes into use.

You can target long version of this single word keyword “Backlink”

Example : You can target “How to get backlinks for beginner”

This keyword will be very less competitive than single word keyword like Backlink.

And you can easily rank for this keyword with proper on-page SEO optimization.

10.Navin Rao [ Website | Twitter ]

navin rao seo strategies

Those days have gone, when people use to manipulate things to rank higher on Google with mediocre content. It’s only about great and thorough content now.

The “skyscraper technique” named by Brian Dean is working like a charm. What’s that?

1. You need to find low competition keywords with some decent search volume, I know it’s not easy and takes time. But, this is the way to get more online visibility. I use SEMrush to do so and some manually methods as well.

2. Check all the top 10 pages ranking for that keyword, Go through what are all the points they covered, pick all the common one from all the pages. IMPORTANTLY, also consider what they haven’t covered as well around the same keyword.

3. Compile all the points at one place and start structuring your content. Once you are up start writing on those. Intent is to make better than those for the obvious reasons.

4. Use LSI keywords, and sprinkle it through-out the content. Don’t just optimize your pages for only your focused keyword. Let the traffic come for the relevant keywords too. Make sure you include fellow bloggers post links as well and even influencer’s.

5. Once you are done, now its time for promotions. Start with sharing on all major social media platforms, mention the fellow bloggers who you linked and even you can do email outreach for the same. They will be happy to share, more social signals better for ranking. Higher engagement has a lot of value for google.

6. Start creating backlinks for that article, Blog Commenting, Blogger Outreach, Guest Posting. Make sure you share the content on QA site as well. I love Quora.

Final words,

First of all, I want to thank all bloggers who took their precious time to respond to our first expert round-up post.

To my readers, You guys just finished reading the opinions of experts and bloggers on strategies that they using to rank higher on Google.

Please do comment what your views on their strategies and how you going to achieve it for your blog..

For your Success


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