Laptop charging in a car and find out which are the best laptop car charger(2021)


how to charge laptop in car

There is no doubt at all how to charge laptop in a car. It’s possible to charge your laptop while driving your car but all you need is a special device called car inverter which converts DC to AC and it has three standard port and 2 USB Ports so you can connect almost anything, not even laptop you can charge your mobile phones, tablets simultaneously.

Here are the steps on how to charge laptop in a car

Step 1: Buy the best car inverter to charge your laptop in the car. You could get it from Amazon or any online stores. We listed below 3 best laptop car charger to make it easy for you.

Step 2: Now plug the car inverter into the cigarette lighter port. It’s easy not a big deal.

Step 3: Then, as usual, connect your laptop 3-pin plug into car inverter power port and other into your laptop.

Step 4: Just connecting everything perfectly will not charge your laptop. Car engine should be in running mode or you should be driving the car.

I think this type of innovative product really helpful for who all are in the travelling domain, daily office commutes and busy schedule office people – who need laptop everywhere.

Not only those, even sometimes we need it too also if we stuck on a long trip or long traffic and boss is calling to complete the task immediately, at that time this can help you to charge your laptop and complete the task.

According to me having this one is not a waste it will help in one or another way, it can be used as a car charger for mobile phones, tablets too.

Best laptop car charger In India for laptop charging in car

1. Portronics CarPower One POR-003 Portable 200W Car Inverter with Single AC 220V Output

Portronics laptop car charger

Portonics car power comes with a 200w universal fit power socket, single AC 220v output and dual USB ports, so you can easily charge your laptop, mobiles phones, DSLR and devices which all are bellow 200w.

CarPower one comes with good well designed and elegant with perfect cup holder friendly structure – fits perfectly mostly all cars.

Ideal for travel and outdoor usage and it comes with over-current protection, over-heat protection, auto shutdown on higher loads.

car power inverter comes with on/off button for easy use.

It comes with a one-year manufacturing warranty.

Key Specs

Input voltage: DC 12v (DC 11v- 15v ).
Output voltage: AC 220 – 240V/50Hz.
USB output: DC 5V/3.4A,
Wattage: 200W.
Ports: One 3-pin Port, 2 USB.


Charges almost everything.
3Pin plug and 2USB ports.
Over-current, voltage, heat protections.


Expensive one.
Uses the short power cord.

buy from amazon

2. Vantro Power Inverter 200W with 4 USB and 2 AC Port

vantro laptop car charger

Vantro comes with 2 AC Outputs and 4 USB ports and one switch for turn off and on.

It provides over-current protection, Over or under voltage protection, over-loads and over-charging protection.

It comes with an integrated cooling fan to reduce heat.

With the help of 4 USB ports and 2 Provided AC outlets, you can connect most phones, tablets simultaneously but the total load should not be more than 200w.

It charges most devices, like a laptop, mobile phones, DSLR which all are below 200W.

Vantro comes with One-year worldwide warranty.

Key Specs

Input voltage: 12v
Output voltage : 220v – 240v
Wattage: 200W
Ports: 2 AC sockets and 4USB ports


2 AC sockets and 4USB ports.
buzzer before power off.
Indicator light and display.


It may slip in moving cars.
It would be better if the cable is a little more longer.

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3. myTVS TLC-28 Car Laptop and Mobile Charger Power Inverter AC to DC Converter

myTvs car laptop charger

myTvs car laptop charger comes with 1 AC socket and 2 USB ports which will help you in connecting one laptop, smartphone simultaneously.

You can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously but the total wattage should not be more than 200w.

It comes with over-current and surge protection and a cooling fan to reduce heating.

myTVS Car Laptop charger comes with 2 years warranty.

Key Specs

Input voltage: 12v
Output voltage : 220v
USB output: 5V/2.4A + 2.4A.
Wattage: 200W
Ports: 1 AC sockets and 2 USB ports


Looks compact size
over-current protection and surge protection


Heats quickly.
No On and Off button, it keeps running until you plug out.
No light indicator.

buy from amazon


I think, you guys now understand how to charge a laptop in a car using the product car inverter. The products here are listed based on the recent release, customer reviews, ratings and specifications from Amazon India for purely keeping in mind Indian users.

Whenever you try to buy a laptop car charger go through once the product’s description and features on the seller website and buy based on your preference and specifications.


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