5 Best Free Thumbnail Maker online for Bloggers and YouTubers

Best free thumbnail maker online

Do you have a blog? Or a YouTube channel? And you are working hard for your content but unable to get enough traffic then you might be doing something really wrong.

Nowadays everyone has a YouTube channel or a blog but the main thing is how you can present it uniquely in front of the audience that’s the main key.

After publishing your content you have started sharing it on social media but sadly no one is clicking on your article or video because you have not created an attractive and unique thumbnail for it. Thumbnail is not only the first impression but also it is a very good chance to get clicks and increase your CTR.

Never ever underestimate the power of the thumbnail image. I know adding thumbnail is very simple but it speaks about your company’s online presence so you should never neglect it. I would say take as much as time you need to create a unique and attractive thumbnail which can help you to grab the attention of users.

Whenever you design your content thumbnail keep in mind that it should be very much related and eye-catching than your competitors. If your thumbnail doesn’t attract users to click then they will never see your content “all the hard work will be drained”.

And if you are a beginner in the field and don’t have much budget to hire professional graphics designer then it’s even too tough for you.

So to make your work easy and in free of cost I have made this ultimate guide on “best free thumbnail maker online” with this you can learn how to create creative thumbnail online without paying any $$ to a graphics designer.

So let’s get started…

5 Best Free Thumbnail Maker Online

  1. Adobe Spark

    So here comes the popular and well-known thumbnail maker from Adobe. We all have heard about adobe Photoshop as it is one the best photo editing software but not every common man can use that software without proper knowledge.

    But to solve that problem Adobe has bought a free graphic designing platform where we can create a thumbnail, logo, Infographics, posters, etc without any designing knowledge with just ready-made features. You can customize all the design according to your choice and save it or download it any formats like png, jpeg, etc.

    The best part about adobe spark is it has unique and various color palette, background components, texts, and much more.

  2. Canva

    Canva is one of the best, trending and versatile designing tool to design all sort of poster, flyers, banners, logos and much more. This tool is being used by many of the top blogger’s, youtubers and newbies too. There are tons of in-built vectors and images available to create your design attractive and beautiful than others.

    You just have to simply signup with your email or you can signup with your google or Facebook too. After signing up you will able to see tons of ready-made templates of the logos, flyers, brochures, thumbnail, infographic and much more.

    Its interface is very much straight forward even a common man can use it easily without facing any difficulties.

  3. Snappa

    Here comes our third and most used graphic designing tool with free and paid features which offers all sort of ready-made templates including youtube thumbnail. So same thing follows in this tool too that is you just have to sign up with your email and done. You will get tons of ready-made templates in snappa but if you want to create your own from scratch you can do it too. Isn’t it cool huh?

    You can also upload your own images and vector designs in your thumbnail to make it more attractive. You can customize everything like its background, you can add text and place it wherever you want, add shapes, effects and much more.

  4. PicMaker

    So here comes one of the free world’s 1st thumbnail maker but it mainly focuses on YouTube thumbnail. But it’s not fixed that you can only create a thumbnail for YouTube with picMaker because it gives you “custom” option from where you can add your own thumbnail size.

    So let’s look into its features as picMaker has 100000+ graphics elements “it’s huge” to create your design more beautiful for completely free with background burning wand which is best for creating a thumbnail and it has a unique and best feature which most of the tools doesn’t have that is “sticker effect” believe me I have used its sticker effect and its too good.

    Now create an engaging thumbnail for your blog or YouTube in just a few steps.

  5. FotoJet

    Create spectacular thumbnails with this another great tool that is FotoJet. All of the above tools mostly focuses on the general term. But FotoJet is especially paying attention to the youtube thumbnail. It has over 500+ template, which helps you to create your thumbnail more awesome and stunning from your competitors.

    You can create your thumbnails without any complications. You can also resize, crop, filter your images with FotoJet and the best part is you don’t need to sign up with your email, google or Facebook to use it you can just jump into the main website and start designing. so simple right?


So from now stop copying or adding simple thumbnails and start designing your own unique, attractive, engaging thumbnails without spending any $$ or any graphic designing skills. Just jump in any one of the above-mentioned websites and start designing.

If you loved this best free thumbnail maker online guide then don’t forget to share this article with your friends and let them learn too. If you are having any doubt then please don’t hesitate to comment below I will be happy to help you 🙂


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