7 Best Smart Watches Under 10000 (2021)

Best Smart Watches Under 10000

There is more than a dozen Smart watches online markets and you are looking for a Budget smart watch with the most requirements and most fashionable gadget out there. So you are getting confused to pick which one of them. If that’s the reason you are here, I would be guiding you to opt for the Best Smart watches Under 10000, more than giving you the list of smart watch to buy, I would be guiding you to choose the qualities in the smart watch you require and help you  select the best one out there for you, as they say don’t give a fish for a hungry man rather teach him to catch a fish.

When you are moving in the light speed world, where every second counts, when you want to know how much time is left for you to hurry up, you won’t have the time to go looking into the Town Clock tower or enter your home to check the Wall clock for time, by todays scenario we wouldn’t be even risking the delay of time to take out our Mobiles phones to know the time. That’s where the need of wrist watches is placed, they act as the time machines. Which might not take you back the fourth in time but definitely won’t make you late in time for work. In the information era which we are living, it’s not only the time which we are in required of, rather we are more leaned towards the text messages, calls, mails, Whatsapp and other social media information which would be under the quick need of reply and it would be annoying to take out the mobile phone for every beep we get. That’s exactly where the smart watches play a role to provide all the information at an instant.

Smart watches don’t only give the information in an instant way but they do a lot more than what a regular watches can do, whereas take a scenario of a Fitness freak the smart watches are acting as their partner in Gym, the fitness smart watches out there are equipped with health and fitness related measurements such as the account of calories burnt, number of steps taken and amount of time worked out for a day.

Smart watches are not only brought for their fitness usage or to know the time they are also brought to as a symbol of fashion and pride. From the traditional times watches are worn for various reasons and one of them always been for Fashion and Pride, where in the Smart watches section this filed is even more extended with a lot of Fashionable accessories as Fossil smartwatch, Honor smartwatch and Honor watch magic, which are available online in various markets such as Amazon, Flipkart and so on, our duty is to make sure you can choose your smart watch according to your needs.

Let us put down some ground rules to opt for the best smart watches online, let’s say while purchasing a classic watch, the basic things to be noted are as follows

  1. Design of the watch
  2. Comfort over the hand
  3. Built Quality
  4. Features

But our concentration is not only concentrated upon just a normal watch, where as we are dealing with best smart watches out there for us to conglomerate with the needed specification as the best smart watches under 10000. When it comes to the Smart watches, we have to add further more Parameters to measure in order to get the desired Smart watch for the person specific requirements. Let’s lay out the parameters to have a Birds eye view over them.

  1. Design of the frame and screen
  2. Built in quality
  3. Strap design and Quality
  4. Features and specifications
  5. Battery life
  6. Brand
  7. Purchase offers
  8. Additional advantages

Now let us discuss each parameter over their advantage and their disadvantages for a general perspective.

  1. Design of the frame and screen

The most important factor is the Design of the frame, where the design is all what a watch is opt for which carries 90% of the watch and the most used part of the watch, which carriers the whole function of the watch. Screen quality and specifications are to be noted as few qualities of screens are not visible under bright sun light.

  1. Built in Quality

Watches are on the most abused gadgets which are used on the daily bases and are held in wrist which is more subjected to damages and hence the Quality is the prime deciding factor.

  1. Strap design and Quality

Watch remains the whole time on the wrist due to this we need to also look into the material and the deign of the strap, where as the irregular or sharp edges in the strap will poke or create un-comfortability while wearing the quality comes in to play under a long run where the strap make out of plastics will leave a sticky feeling over the skin when travelled during hot weather and if the strap is made out of Bad quality of leather it would weather off in a long run .

  1. Features and Specifications

When brought the smart watch for the fitness purposes their features are the most important as they are those which help to maintain the Fitness track.

  1. Battery life

Traditionally watches where supported by batteries in built and has no daily check up for their battery as this influences our smart watches by which we would often forget to back it up by charging it and hence a good smart watch with a good battery backup would be must and most importantly while travelling the battery backup are the most relied upon.

  1. Brand

While speaking about Fashion and Pride it always ends up in the world class recognition and that’s where the brand is places a role.  Better brands also mean more service centers.

  1. Purchase offers

This is an important online purchase to look for, where the purchase in a specific day depends upon what else we get while purchasing or how less we can pay for.

  1. Additional Advantages

It depends on the specific product alone, where as it might be such as ambiance the watch creates such as connectivity with the other gadgets which can be paired along with.

Now let’s make things easier for you by sorting out from hundreds of smart watches out there by matching them with our screening parameters and hence the list below are the  Best Smart watches which suit our sorting method.

List of best smart watches under 10000

NameBrandType of watchPrice
Honor Watch MagicHonorSport & fitnessCheck Here
Fossil Gen 3FossilFashion and HealthCheck Here
HUAWEI Watch GT 2e SportHuaweiFitnessCheck Here
Huami Amazfit GTSHuamiHealth & fitnessCheck Here
Noise NoiseFit Fusion HybridNoiseFitness & connectivityCheck Here
HONOR Watch ESHonorFitness & healthCheck Here
Skagen Connected Black Dial Men's Hybrid Smart Watch-SKT1104SkagenClassicCheck Here

7 Best Smart watches under 10000

1. Honor Watch Magic

Honor Watch Magic Lightweight Smart Watch,

Design of the frame and screen

The screen design is circular and the default Analogue Display, which will suit its performance

1.2-inch AMOLED colour screen: which allows the users to have a multiple watch interfaces with ALS ambient light monitoring allows automatic screen brightness adjusting which will help you to view the screen in bright sun light.

Built in Quality

Its a light weight watch, which makes it easier to wear and you won’t miss out to have flex sports actions

Strap design and Quality

The strap is made of light weight polymer with soft rubber cover over the side of the wrist which will give a smooth feeling while worn.

Features and Specifications

It supports 24/7 continuous heart rate monitoring along with resting support, single continuous heart rate and other measuring features

Scientific sleep tracking which helps in automatic sleep recognition and data statistics, in simple words it won’t let you low on sleep and all these things are cross checked by the CDB center at Harvard medical school.

This would be the best fitness smart watch as the supports exercise types such outdoor and indoor run, outdoor walk, outdoor and indoor cycling, mountain climbing, pool swim stokes recognition, etc.

Watch is more interactive in regards to the Fitness aspects such as tracks, monitors and identifies types of daily activities, provides step, calories, activity intensity, activity time and standing statistics; first beat professional running guidance; create and manage groups, initiate friendly competitions, view daily activity rankings and friendly competition rankings.

Battery life

When charged full at once would last up to 1 week. It comes with 9.8mm thickness and It is backed by 178 mAh battery which can deliver up to 7-day battery life.


If the priority is Fashion and Pride of recognition, they you won’t be left behind as its Honor which is a premium brand in international market.

Purchase offers

Buy Moonlight silver color at 1000 rupees lesser.

Additional Advantages

When you are lost in some place you don’t have to worry about as it supports right precision tracking supports US-GPS, Russia-GLONASS, Europe-GALILEO satellite.

You don’t have to worry about when the watch falls of in the swimming pool by accident because its guarantied with 5ATM water-resistance.

buy from amazon

2. Fossil Gen 3

Fossil Gen 3 smart watch

Design of the frame and screen-

Classic Circular out frame with the pearl pink border along with digital inbuilt display make you look the man of the day.

Vibrant Black display

Built in Quality

There is nothing to compromise when it comes to quality as it is made of metal frame.

Strap design and Quality

The strap is made up of pure leather and it given a royal blue color to compromise the pearl pink of the frame and the leather strap will provide a good grip over the wrist.

Features and Specifications

They come with a Built in Fitness Tracker with Storage of 4GB

Battery life

They are depended on the usage of the watch at standard usage once charged will last up to 12 hours to 1 day.


When its “FOSSIL” there remains nothing to say further.

Purchase offers

Let’s almost late now as only one is felt so hurry up!

Additional Advantages

Are you a social media person? Then the choice is this where you get Connected all along the Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email, where along providing additional as Time Zones, Calendar Alerts, Alarm Clock, Google Maps Enabled.

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3.HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Sport

HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Sport

Design of the frame and screen

Stylish Circular frame with black display gives the at most Modern look.

Screen is of 1.39-inch AMOLED color screen by which you won’t feel any irritation while looking into the screen at bright day light.

Whereas, for automatic screen brightness its equipped with ALS ambient light, it helps you with adjustment of the screen brightness compactable with bright sub light.

Built in Quality

Metallic frame along with polymer coating will resist any damage.

Strap design and Quality

Strap is made of polymer which giver a good grip over the watch when worn.

Features and Specifications

ALS ambient light monitoring for auto screen brightness adjustment.

When the talk is about connectivity then its then makes its hold by displaying all the Incoming call notifications, SMS messages, Email, and social media apps

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, it keeps a bird’s eye view of your health conditions with the continuous heart rate monitoring of having a check over the heart beat rate and supports resting, single heart rate, continuous heart rate, and other measurement features

Altitude barometer for mountaineering. Supports GPS+GLONASS satellite positioning

This would eventually be enlisted as the best fitness smart watch.

Battery life

When charged at once completely it will last up to 2 weeks whole.


One of the premium brands of the international market as HUAWEI

Purchase offers

On 50% off on sales within the limited period of time

Additional Advantages

Additional features support are Workout records, Air pressure, Compass, Weather, Stopwatch, Timer, Torch, and Alarm

buy from amazon

4. Huami Amazfit GTS

Huami Amazfit GTS Smart Watch

Design of the frame and screen

Square out frame gives a rich look along with silver frame edges won’t miss out the royal fashion by any chance.

When worried about display there is nothing to bother about as its supported by 1.65” AMOLED Display with high 341 PPI resolution and to increase the durability of the watch it comes along with Corning Gorilla glass.

Built in Quality

The frame is of Metal body (Aluminium Alloy) giving the strong durability over hard damages.

Strap design and Quality

Strap is made of polymer which giver a good grip over the watch when worn, additionally the inside of the watch is made up of soft polymer which will be a comfort when worn.

Features and Specifications

When fitness is the concern then the Activity Tracking is necessary with distance, active hours, calories and steps

Need of Notifications then you can customize vibrations, and receive all of your important information right on a look into the Huami Amazfit GTS on your wrist.

Battery life

If you’re not interested in charging the watch frequently then is this the best smart watch to pick up from as its battery once charged at maximum will last up to 14 days.


The best player in the international market Huami

Purchase offers

It comes along various color options ranging from rose pink, steel blue, vermillion orange, black, gold and grey.

Additional Advantages

When there is plan of dipping the watch into the WATER then this would be a choice of the day as it supports ATM water-resistance to a marginal greater heights to ensure a regular use up to a mark of 50 meters by the water pressure.

Comparing all in a row to screen the best smart watches under 10000 we would suggest that this is the best one.

buy from amazon

5. Noise NoiseFit Fusion Hybrid

Noise NoiseFit Fusion Hybrid Smart Watch

Design of the frame and screen

Looks classic with the traditional circular frame with a complete touch display.

It is a fusion between classic analogue watches with the blend of smart features 1.22” full-colour capacitive touch always-on display enlivened with multiple digital cloud-based watch faces. This watch is a perfect blend of classic design packed with smart features of a in a stainless-steel body and protected by sapphire glass.

Built in Quality

The frame is made up of high dense polymer to support resistance from any damages over a rough sports use.

Strap design and Quality

Two separate straps are available such as the silicon strap and a leather strap of your choice

Features and Specifications

Fitness being the, demand it comes with Activity tracking distance, active hours, calories and steps

If connectivity an issue, the it’s the right solution when Notifications come along a customize vibrations, to access all the important information right on your wrist.

Battery life

It is built in with 150 Hour Playtime, offers playtime of 8 hours on every charge. Recharging case gives 142 of additional charges to the earbuds making a total playtime of 150 Hour.

In-built Power bank, with 2200mah charging case you get an in-built power bank to charge your phone from it.


When it comes to technology then the most suitable option would be NOISE a premier band in the market.

Purchase offers

The watch comes along with a wireless headphone in the package.

Additional Advantages

NoiseFit Fusion works smoothly with Android 5.0+ and iOS 8+ smartphones and comes along with Bluetooth BLE 4.2.

Get a 1-year assured warranty from NOISE by registering on support.gonoise.com

Hi-Fi Audio – With our revolutionary Graphene speaker drivers and support for advanced Qualcomm AptX and AAC codecs

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6. HONOR Watch ES

Honor Watch ES

Design of the frame and screen

A unique approach for the watch as it has a perfectly rectangular display along the silver lining frame.

Quality of the Display screen is compromised by 4.16cm AMOLED screen and 326 PPI of full Touch Screen along with Automatic Brightness Adjustment which gives a seamless look into the watch even during the bright sun light.

Built in Quality

The frame is alloy of metal combined with polymers to withstand damages and shocks.

Strap design and Quality

The easy- fit straps are designed to suit every personality and style – from sporty to casual, or even futuristic which again made up of polymers.

Features and Specifications

When it comes to the fitness then this watch would be the best fitness smart watch to choose from the list:

Animated Workout Courses

Bring the gym home with 12 animated workout courses4 and 44 standard body-movement animations, including office quick-workout and abs workout.

They provide a 95 Workout Modes

The smart watch HONOR Watch ES comes with 10 professional workout modes, which includes a few sets of Athletics as such as brisk walking, quick running, cycling, and provides a total trainee level of comfort fitness and tracking with personalized guidance. There are about 85 customized workout modes to asset you to stay active and engaged.

Coming to Automatic Workout Recognition

It detects Automatically your activities such as running outdoor or indoor, walking outdoor or indoor, straight path or in any elliptical paths.

regarding Outdoor cycling mode is only supported on phones running EMUI 5.0 / iOS 9.0 or later

As of Fitness courses will be let available under various regions or by an upgrade in system via OTA.

Introducing Scientific TruSleep Monitor.

The smart watch HONOR Watch ES is powered by TruSleep technology which is an expert in scientific sleep stages (deep, light, REM sleep and awake) and also regarding the breathing analysis. for perfect personalized sleep tracking. Personalized recommendations7 help you achieve a great quality of sleep.

24/7 Heart Rate Monitor

The cutting-edge TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitor obtains high-precision readings, providing continual supervision, with timely alerts of elevated or abnormal results.

Battery life

One of the exciting features is of the battery with Fast Charging up to 70% in 30 Mins and Has 10 Days Batter Life on a Full Single Charge.


The best brand out there is Honor

Purchase offers

Comes with two verities of colors – black and white.

Additional Advantages

Let we introduce you to SpO2 Monitor

When you are bothered about the health especially your heart then rSpO2 Monitor9 will tracks oxygen saturation in bloodstream, bringing HONOR Watch ES as suited and trusted watch for health-related aspects, by having this you won’t be skeptical about go make a week end for trek.

Now let’s talk about Stress Monitor

This handy gadget HONOR Watch ES will open the window for you to manage stress which falls everyday along TruRelax,10 with constantly reminds your mind to be chilling by a sequence of respiratory excesses accompanied by our breathing app.

Let’s say you want to know the weather, now it’s the right time to look into the HONOR Watch ES to know weather forecast, you want to calculate then no issues go ahead click your watch to tap on to numerous mathematical operations and get your seamless result.

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7.Skagen Connected Black Dial Men’s Hybrid Smart Watch-SKT1104

Skagen Connected Black Dial smart watch

Design of the frame and screen

Circular frame which gives a classic look along with the steel frame.

Vibrant black with classic analogue display.

Built in Quality

The frame is metal and has the best of the strength and solid resistance to damages.

Strap design and Quality

The strap is made up of good quality of leather, which is royal brown in color giving it as classic look.

Features and Specifications

You want take to a picture and you don’t want to take your mobile out then no issues you have your watch to Snap a photo, you got call? Pick the ring on your phone in the watch, and it has got more with the customizable Skagen link button. Then it’s definitely among the Best smart watch under 10000 and a compactable watch to pick from.

When its fitness then, It also comes with tracking your everyday accomplishments such steps, calories burned, distance travelled, and monitor your sleep duration and quality. This makes the watch more health maintainer as the best fitness smart watch to pick for.

Notification or alert arrives for an important text, whats app, email or app update, a gentle ring it will let you know it’s time to notice.

Battery life

It comes with inbuilt battery which is not required to charge rather when the battery is over it should be disposed and new battery should be installed as in classic watches.


When you are looking for classic watches with modern smart watch support then this brand is the best of choice it’s Skagen

Purchase offers

Warranty type: Manufacturer; 2 Years International Warrant

Additional Advantages

The fashionable stylish smart watch essential is always active, always in connection with your notifications a battery life up to six months (based on usage) and automatically syncs to your phone. This smart watch is pairable with phones running Android OS 4.4+ or iPhone 5/iOS 8.2+.

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Smart watches are brought for various reasons which are enlisted above and the motive of this article was to give brief idea about what are the things to look for in a smart watch to classify them into the category of the best smart watches under 10000. And most importantly we would like our viewers to be equipped with enough knowledge to pick their own smart watch with regards to their preference and requirements.

We have listed different brands and different styles of smart watches under our parameters as a suggestion list, the list should not be taken as Top 10 list rather than to give an suggestion to customer to pick the most appropriate best smart watches under 10000 there, which would suit their needs as such as for fitness, casual wears, sportswear, or what so ever the choices is based upon.

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