Top 7 Best Car Mobile Charger In India – 2021

best car mobile charger

Today smartphone is part of our life we can’t go anywhere without it. We need it anywhere and anytime.

Today smartphones are considered as minicomputers, yes because of we store data, perform operations, internet surfing and playing games.

We know that smartphones work on a battery charge. Without a battery charge, we cannot perform any operations. More importantly, We miss important calls. To avoid this situation, we always charge the mobiles to keep mobile awake any time.

In today’s busy lifestyle, we often forgot to charge our mobile. In that situation, The best car mobile charger can help you to make the battery full again.

Here I listed the best car charger based on customer ratings from both Flipkart and Amazon 

Top 7 Best Car Mobile Charger in India 2021

SL NOModel NameWarranty periodCheck price
1.Portronics Car Power 2 Car Charger6monthsCheck Here
2.Sony 4.8 Turbo Car Charger1 yearCheck Here
3.Regor 4.8Amp High-Speed Car Charger1 yearCheck here
4.iVolta 3.4 amp turbo car charger6 monthsCheck Here
5.boAt Dual-Port Rapid Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.02 yearclick here
6MIVI 4.8 car charger1 yearCheck Here
7Mi Basic Car Charger6 monthsclick here

1. Portronics Car Power 2 Car Charger

portronics car charger

Portronics car charger comes with 3 USB ports and power output of 4.8Aamp which is distributed 2.4 Amp to the first USB port and remaining 1.2 Amp to other ports.

It also provides an additional micro-USB cable which is also used to connect the devices.

It illuminates blue led light while charging.

Key Features and Specs

  • USB ports : 3
  • Power Output: 4.8 amp
  • Secondary slot output: 2.4 amp
  • Dimensions: 1.1x.0.4×0.5 cm
  • Warranty: 6 months off-site
3 USB Ports99.8g compare to others
UniversalOnly 6 months warranty compare to others here
light illuminate while charging
Constant volt

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2. Sony 4.8 Turbo Car Charger

sony car charger

If you looking for a car mobile charger form a leading brand in India, then sony 4.8 is the right choice for you.

Sony turbo car charger has 2 USB ports comes with a 4.8 amp power output and provides fast charging and provides features such as overcharging protection, temperature monitoring, short-circuit protection.

key feature and specification

  • Port: 2 USB port
  • Power output: 4.8amp
  • Secondary slot: 2.4 amp
  • Dimensions: 28.4×68.6×28.4mm
  • Warranty: 1 year
Brand Compatible Devices Sony
2 USB Ports
Overcharging protection, Short circuit protection

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3. Regor 4.8Amp High-Speed Car Charger

regor car charger

The Regor car charger has 2 USB ports and delivers 2.4A to each port. And it comes with dimension 12.8×7.5×4.6cm. The car charger  support Qualcomm quick charging 3.0 AMP and supports Samsung fast charging and Motorola turbo charging.

Current limiter protects your devices from any short circuits and surges.

the Regor car charger comes with a blue led which illuminates while charging.

Key specs and features

  • Power output: 4.8amp
  • LED indicator: blue led
  • Warranty: 6 months
2 USB PortsSome times over heating
Small and compact to carry
Protects against Shorts and surges
Support Qualcomm quick charging 3.0.

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4. iVolta 3.4 amp turbo car charger

ivoltaa car charge

iVolta provides 2 USB port with a power of 3.4Amp output and featuring a scratch-resistant coating for body protection from scratches.

ivolta car charger adopted Intelli-charge technology that provides optimal current while charging the device. The car charger also provides built-in protection to safeguard your devices such as overvoltage protection, over-current protection, and over-temperature protection.

Key Specification

  • Port: 2USB
  • Fast charge: yes
  • power requirements: 12-12v,dc
  • power output: 3.4amp
  • secondary slot: 1.25 amp
  • Warranty: 1 year
2 USB PortsOS support Android & Windows only.
Powerful 3.4A
Intalli charge technology auto detect & delver optimal current

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5. boAt Dual-Port Rapid Car Charger with Quick Charge 3.0

boAt Rapid car mobile charger

boAt charger comes with Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 and charges at maximum speed with compatible devices.

it comes with built-in safeguards to protect from over current, over voltage, overheating.

compatible with all type USB and type c devices including quick charge 2.0 enabled devices.

It comes with smart charging technology to support Apple and non-enabled Qualcomm devices.

2-years Warranty from the date of purchase.

Key specifications

  • USB port: 2 ports
  • Each port power output: 2.4A
  • Warranty:2 year
Quick Charge 3.0
2 years warranty

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6. MIVI 4.8 car charger

mivi car charger

MIVI car charger provides 2 USB port with a power output 2.4A to each port in total 4.8Amp car charger and comes in a metal body.

MIVI charger automatically detects the device and charge with its maximum fast supported speed.

It provides surge protection, overcurrent protection, temperature control to protect your device.

Key specifications

  • USB port: 2 ports
  • Power output: 4.8A
  • Each port power output: 2.4A
  • warranty:1 year
2 USB PortsDoes not Support Qualcomm Quick charge
Smart Charge Auto detect Maximum supported speed
Surge/Short, Over-current protections

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7. Mi Basic Car Charger

MI basic car charger

It comes with dual USB port with Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 supporting to charge lightning fast.

It comes with four layer protection against over current, over voltage, overheating, short circuit.

It comes with universal compatibility, supports 12V/24V inputs.

Comes with an only 6-month warranty.

Key specifications

  • USB port: 2 ports
  • Output: (5V/3A), (9V/2A), (12V/1.5A )
  • Warranty: 6months
Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0Only 6 months warranty
Four layer protection
Universal compatibility

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All car mobile chargers listed here are based on ratings, reviews and brand. Here mentioned Key specs and some pros and cons of each product for full details about the products please go through corresponding products links.

According to me if you going for  2 USB ports car charger I would suggest you Regor 4.8 AMP car charger because it comes with overall protection like surge, Short, over current and temperature control. Supports Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 and Samsung fast charging and motorola turbo charging. Note sometimes it get over heat according some reviewers.

Or if you are looking for Sony mobiles I definitely recommend Sony 4.8 Turbo Car Charger it also comes with short-circuit protection, Over charge protection and temperature control and also it compatible with most models.

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